Save The Date Cards and Magnets

Save the date cards are something that are sent out months before the invitation, they give notice that there is a wedding planned. It is not customary to use them but they can be helpful in a number of different situations. For most people there is no need for a save the date notice.

They are primarily used to give the guests prior notice to ‘save the date’. This may be because the wedding is being held during a holiday weekend, in the middle of the week, or there may be many guests who need to travel a long distance to be at the wedding.

Save the date cards are sent at least three months before the wedding. Some people even choose to send the up to a year before. This allows guests to take the wedding into consideration when making their own plans.

A ‘save the date’ card will be the very first insight into the style and formality of the wedding. If it is a very formal affair then the notice should be very formal, if it is quite a casual wedding then the card should be less formal.

Generally save the date cards are quite small and printed on card or a heavy paper. They should match the invitation and be sent in an envelope. The wording on a ‘save the date card’ should be clear but not necessarily informative. The only necessity is the date of the wedding but there is no restriction on what can be written. The ink should match the colour of the ink on the invitation and so should the font that is used.

An example on what can be written on a card:

Please save the date of
Thursday, August the 22nd, 2008
For the wedding of
Miss. Susanne Wilkes
Mr Sidney James

Mr. And Mrs. Philip Wilkes

Invitation to follow

Other important items to be sent out before the wedding are invitations such as Bridal shower invitations and rehearsal dinner invitations

The purpose of a bridal shower is so that close friends and family of the bride can ‘shower’ her with gifts. These may be things that will help her out when she is a married woman. The gifts that are brought must be for the bride and groom to use in their new home. The gifts chosen could follow a theme. For example, the guests may all chose to bring lingerie or kitchenware. This must be stated on the invitation.

Lingerie showers are always very popular with the bride; its not just sexy underwear and silk nighties that can be given; hair care products certificates for beauty treatments, sewing kits and scented drawer liners may also be taken into consideration.

The mother of the bride or a chief bridesmaid should take on the role of organizing the bridal shower. The bride will never do it herself. She cannot ask someone to throw her a shower but she can organise a bridal luncheon so that she may celebrate the occasion without the requirement of gifts.

Bridal showers are not compulsory and they can work out extremely expensive for the guests, as it is mandatory to bring a gift along for the bride but they can always be a lot of fun as silly games can be played. All the people who attend the shower must have already been invited to the wedding.

The bridal shower is an informal gathering of close friends therefore it is not necessary for the host to take to much care in how she presents the invites. They may be just a quick phone call or a note of some sort put through the invitee’s letterbox. Stationery for the bridal shower can be purchased but it is not necessary for too much money to be spent on the occasion. However the host chooses to send the invitation, she should do it at least two weeks before the shower to allow time for the guests to find presents.

Traditionally the wedding rehearsal is followed by a dinner that the groom’s parents host either at a restaurant or a private family home depending on aspects such as time and space. The guest list generally comprises of the bride and groom, all attendants, immediate family of the bride and groom, the officiate, and also out of town guests may be included in the dinner. It can be as formal or informal as the host wishes. If they choose it to be a formal affair then the bride may wish to wear her mother’s wedding gown with her bridesmaids dressed in some sort of prior worn formal dress such as a prom gown or a bridesmaid dress worn in a previous wedding. The groom and his attendants could dress in suits and ties and the children in party clothes. Other guests should be dressed formally but take great care not to upstage the bride and her bridesmaids.

The rehearsal wedding dinner is a perfect time for the bride and groom to give out any gifts that they have bought as thank you to the attendants. The best man should offer a toast to the lucky couple at sometime in the evening and this could also be a good chance for the groom to offer a toast to the bride and her family and the bride to offer a toast to her groom and his family.

After the rehearsal wedding dinner it is a good suggestion to get and early night in, in preparation for the big day.